HD Surveillance Cameras

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Home security cameras are a crucial investment in protecting your home. Package thieves and home burglars shouldn’t be able to get away with their deeds unnoticed, and yet it’s likely that they’ll be long gone before you even know you’re a victim. They may even get away scot-free if your home isn’t equipped with the right technology to ID any robbers.

Surveillance devices

The latest outdoor security cameras combine the convenient features of any smart home device with advanced camera technology so you’ll always have an eye on your home. Our top picks for security cameras will send alerts to your phone when they detect motion, be able to record in HD quality even at night, and are designed to withstand any type of weather.

Understanding Different Types of Security Cameras

There are a few essential specifications to look for when choosing a security camera. If you’re leaning towards a monitored system, start by comparing providers and offers to pick the perfect one for your home.

Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras

Another aspect to be aware of when choosing a security camera is whether the camera is designed for wired or wireless use.

A wired security camera is powered by a cable connection, and in some cases, a wired connection may be required for recording and storing footage. Today, you’ll typically find wired security cameras that are powered over an Ethernet connection (PoE). Wired cameras may require drilling or professional help for installation. One benefit of a wired security camera is that it will consistently receive power, and you won’t have to be concerned with recharging a battery or having sunlight for solar energy.

A wireless security camera may require a cable connection for power, but may use Wi-Fi for storing footage. One benefit of a wireless security camera is its ease of installation. You won’t have to drill holes to run cables, but you may need to up the camera closer to a power outlet. A wireless security camera is also a better option for renters and those who may move more frequently because of the light setup. Here are some of the pros and cons of purchasing a wired or wireless security camera.

Wired Security Cameras


  • Consistent power
  • No Internet interference issues
  • Better for larger homes and properties


  • Can require lots of cabling
  • May need professional installation
  • Not the best option for renters or frequent movers

Wireless Security Cameras


  • Less cabling
  • Can use Wi-Fi for storing footage
  • Great for renters and frequent movers


  • May need to position near power outlet
  • Can be susceptible to power outages
  • Can experience Internet interference

Video Alarm Verification

Another aspect you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing a security camera is whether or not you want video alarm verification. This feature is typically found with home security providers, rather than security camera manufacturers. With video alarm verification, a video clip is normally taken and sent to your provider’s monitoring center, and an agent will view the clip to verify if the authorities need to be dispatched to your home. If you want video alarm verification, in most cases, you’ll need to purchase a professional monitoring plan with a home security provider.

Self vs. Professionally Monitored Security Cameras

When looking for the right security camera, do you want your camera to be monitored or would you rather monitor it on your own? There are some providers that offer video alarm verification, like ADT, Vivint, SimpliSafe, and Bay Alarm. For these providers, you’ll need to opt into a professional monitoring with them in order to have your camera monitored. If you don’t want to have your security camera monitored, you could choose either (1) a DIY home security provider (2) purchase a standalone camera. Brands like Ring, Arlo, and Nest allow you to self-monitor your camera and or security system if you purchase one with them.

Benefits of Outdoor Security Cameras

Outdoor security cameras hold a number of home safety and security advantages. Regardless of the lens, video recorder, or other features, any outdoor security camera is guaranteed to deliver these benefits.

Convenient control

Today’s surveillance cameras pair with mobile apps to control your security camera using your mobile device. You’ll automatically receive notifications when the camera’s power is disrupted or motion is detected. You’ll even be able to view real-time video, record, and review directly from your smartphone.

24/7, 365 home surveillance

Whether day or night, your security camera system is designed to watch over your home even when you’re away. It’s powered to automatically detect and alert you of any activity.

Improved safety

If any motion is detected, the camera automatically sends you mobile alerts and records the activity for you to review. The best security cameras also offer a real-time view and are equipped with two-way audio to scare off intruders using your mobile device. Some fully-monitored home security systems also notify your security provider’s monitoring center of motion-triggered activity.

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